2017 North Rebel / North Kites USA

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2017 North Trust Bar / North Kites USA


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2015 North Neo Arriving Soon

  • Slightly Bigger ASPECT RATIO On Sizes 10-12 m
  • Better Top End & Less Grunty Feeling
  • More Depower
  • Dacron Tip Reinforcements

Last year the Neo was redeveloped as a pure wave-riding kite, focusing on the qualities that riders demand in waves. The kite not only impressed the riders, but also won several magazine tests in its class.

This year the kite has been completely reworked to further improve its performance. The Neo still has amazing drift capabilities, but the top end has also been improved while keeping the amazing low end.

The kite has excellent sheet and go characteristics, meaning you can either dump power, or use it according to where you are on the wave and how it is breaking. This will get you out of difficult situations, but it also makes riding waves easier and flying the Neo is very instinctive.

For 2015 we recommend using a kite 1-2 sizes smaller than you would normally as the low end is so impressive! The world’s best wave riders all love the Neo and when you fly one on the waves, you’ll fall in love too!


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2015 North Rebel

Product Clip 2015 North Rebel! Arriving Soon At North Kites USA / East Of Maui


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2014 North Juice


  • Narrow arc combined with wide wing tips for super fast turning
  • Maximum stability in the air, even in light wind
  • Consistent, linear sheet and go power delivery
  • Quick and easy depower
  • Great low-end wind range
  • Lightweight construction

In the spirit of keeping things fresh, we’d like to introduce you to the new Juice! When we designed the kite we had a set of goals to achieve, it had to be fast, fly upwind with ease and deliver smooth power in the lightest of winds. Traditionally big kites haven’t managed to achieve these things; large race kites have the power but not the handling, large airstyle kites have good wind range but are often slow to turn. We’ve managed to infuse the great handling of a small three-strut kite with the power and efficiency of our bigger race kites, but in a simpler, easier to handle package.

Built around a three-strut platform we’ve created a light wind kite that is fast, efficient and exiting to fly. It’s the perfect antidote to those summer days when the wind doesn’t quite deliver. Don’t be left standing on the beach, get out there and improve your skills with the new, totally refreshing Juice from North Kiteboarding.

15 09-17 24-27
18 07-15 24-27


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2014 North Rebel

  • Loaded 5th line hybrid design
  • Best wind range in the NKB line up
  • Best hangtime
  • Excellent upwind ability
  • Short, efficient depower stroke
  • Sheet & go power development

The Rebel was a game changer when it was first launched all those years ago. Since then it has remained the best selling kite in the North Kiteboarding range year on year. There are so many fans out there that fly the Rebel week in week out and love it. With good reason, the Rebel is one of the most stable kites on the market, making it perfect for beginners, intermediates and experts alike. The kite offers responsive steering, even when it is depowered. The upwind ability of the kite is also fantastic, making it great for freeride, waves and even a bit of racing.

The Rebel gives the rider a good amount of bar feedback, offering total control in the roughest conditions. The hangtime and lift offered by the kite is amazing, huge floaty jumps are delivered time and time again. This year the kite has a deeper profile, which allows it to drift a little more in the waves but also offers an improved low end. Sky Solbach, NKB surfboard shaper, uses the Rebel when he is testing in Maui and Western Australia and relies on its dependable handling characteristics in all conditions to allow him to concentrate on the boards under his feet.

The Rebel is the most popular kite on the market, it is stable, dependable and reliable with a huge wind range, offering unrivalled performance in a variety of situations.

5 22-42 22-24
6 21-40 22-24
7 18-38 22-24
8 16-36 22-24
9 15-34 22-24
10 14-32 22-24
11 13-30 22-24
12 12-28 22-24
13 11-26 24-27
14 10-24 24-27



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Oceanfront Rental Shacks Beach Puerto Rico | CASA DE OLAS

Are you looking for the finest rental at Shacks Beach? Casa De Olas is the only oceanfront rental with a private pool and plenty of privacy so that you can enjoy your vacation.

Book your vacation HERE!


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Shacks Beach Isabela Puerto Rico Rentals | CASA DE OLAS

Large Private Pool


After almost 20 years we have decided to rent our home on a very limited basis. Casa De Olas has the only full size pool and yard at Shacks Beach. The property is located on a very private double lot steps away from the ocean. The property has been in our family for 20 years and has only been used as our personal getaway until now! We will be renting the first floor 2 bedroom apartment. There is a full kitchen with dishwasher 1 full bathroom with shower inside, another half bath with washer and dryer outside next to pool. We are adding a second full bathroom to the master bedroom this summer.
Read more at http://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p3504402#IcqmJl2cSiofi8Kp.99

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1 3 8 c m ›‹ 5 0 c m 

The Skimfish is the perfect tool for practicing your latest strapless tricks, making the most out of small waves and getting out in lightest wind.

Utilizing a light but robust construction, the Skim- fish is a fun and durable skim board that feels smooth and controllable through the chop. Easy to carve up small surf with its round outline, the nice width also gives the Skimfish excellent light wind and upwind capabilities.

No matter what conditions, with the Skimfish you’ll make the most out of anything!

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189 x 69 cm          185 x 59 cm 

The ultimate race board

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